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Academic Assessment

Academic departments and programs are responsible for a comprehensive assessment plan, which includes a curriculum map as well as established student learning outcomes, student achievement outcomes, and operational / administrative outcomes. Each of these elements aligns to SACSCOC standards for student learning (8.2a), student achievement (8.1), and institutional effectiveness (7.1).

The complete assessment plan for academic units includes the development, implementation, tracking, and review of:

  • Curriculum Map: Visual representation of the alignment of Student Learning Outcomes to each course in the curriculum, as well as the points of introduction, reinforcement, mastery, and assessment.
  • Student Learning Outcomes: A specific description of what a student will be able to do at the end of the period during which that ability is presumed to have been acquired, and the focus of outcome assessment.
  • Student Achievement Outcomes: Program-specific targets for student achievement, including but not limited to retention rates, graduate rates, time to degree, licensure pass rates, etc.
  • Operational Outcomes: Program (and departmental) priorities regarding funding, operations, and planning.