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NSSE Survey

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is a national survey that is currently administered every other spring to a percentage of first-year and senior students; the selection of students is random. NSSE measures the extent to which students engage in or are exposed to academic practices and behaviors that are related to desirable educational outcomes.

NSSE Snapshots and Pocket Guides

  • A Pocket Guide to Choosing a College: Answers from Students at UL Lafayette (2020) (2016)
  • Snapshot NSSE (2020) (2018) (2016)

NSSE Reports

To request a copy of any of the following reports prepared by NSSE for UL Lafayette, please email The following reports are available:

  • Multi-Year Report: comparison report of results
  • Major Fields Report: results provided by academic college
  • Administration Summary: overview of NSSE administration
  • Engagement Indicators: results from 10 EIs organized into four broad categories
  • Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons: item-by-item student responses and statistical comparisons
  • High-Impact Practices: results from three HIPs for first-year and six HIPs for seniors
  • Respondent Profile: student- and institution-reported demographic information
  • Selected Comparison Groups: lists of institution’s comparison groups
  • Student Comments: student responses to an open-ended feedback question