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General Education Assessment

The General Education Committee ensures that regular assessment of the General Education Learning Outcomes occurs, is evaluated, and provides guidance for enhancing course offerings or improving course instruction to achieve learning outcomes.

Course Embedded Assessments

Many courses in the General Education Curriculum utilize Course Embedded Assessment to measure learning.  Some examples of Course Embedded Assessments are:

  • Student oral presentations
  • Student writing assignments
  • Student portfolios
  • Group projects, presentations, or research collaborations

Often, Course Embedded Assessments utilize a standardized rubric, agreed upon by members of the academic department and General Education Committee, to measure the effectiveness of demonstrated learning in courses.


Many learning outcomes in the General Education Curriculum are measured through standardized assessment or benchmarking of UL Lafayette Students against comparable college level students or peers.  UL Lafayette utilizes the following assessments:

  • Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)
  • Educational Testing Services (ETS)
  • National Survey of Student Engagement
  • Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory

Graduating Student Survey

Once students complete their undergraduate course of study, they complete a Graduating Student Survey.  This provides information on student perception, satisfaction, and self-reported learning on a variety of topics, including the General Education Curriculum.