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Academic Catalog

The Office of Academic Programs is responsible for publishing and maintaining the University's Academic Catalog.

The Academic Catalog is published annually and designed to provide an overview of general information about the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a detailed explanation of the University's degree programs, curricular requirements, and Academic Affairs rules and regulations. Additional information about student life-organizations, social and personal support services, and policies may be found in the Student Handbook, published by the Office of Student Affairs.

Students must take the initiative to ascertain current information and meet the requirements of the particular program in which they are enrolled.

DEADLINES for revisions to the upcoming annual Academic Catalog publication:

NOVEMBER 5th - ALL COURSE and CURRICULUM requests must be “Validated and Launched” in Curriculog.

DECEMBER 1st - ALL Academic Policy, Academic and Non-Academic Department page(s), and Editorial requests must be “Validated and Launched” in Curriculog.