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Academic Catalog

The Office of Academic Programs is responsible for publishing and maintaining the University's Academic Catalog.

The Academic Catalog is published annually and designed to provide an overview of general information about the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a detailed explanation of the University's degree programs, curricular requirements, and Academic Affairs rules and regulations. Additional information about student life-organizations, social and personal support services, and policies may be found in the Student Handbook, published by the Office of Student Affairs.

Students must take the initiative to ascertain current information and meet the requirements of the particular program in which they are enrolled.

DEADLINES for revisions to the upcoming annual Academic Catalog publication:

  • SEPTEMBER 15th
    • Deadline to propose new courses to the General Education Curriculum.
  • OCTOBER 1st
    • ​Notify Academic Programs of your intent to develop NEW PROGRAMS (undergraduate, graduate, certificates). You may continue working on your program proposals but please be sure to notify that you are in the planning process. This notification will help us to develop a more efficient timeline for full proposal review and submission to the Board of Regents.
  • OCTOBER 15th
    • Deadline to submit in Curriculog all course and curriculum revisions. This includes new and terminated courses, undergraduate and graduate program and certificates, program terminations, etc. ALL course and curriculum requests must be "Validated and Launched" in Curriculog.
  • NOVEMBER 15th
    • Deadline to submit in Curriculog all college and department non-academic office page revisions. This includes program admission requirements, program GPA requirements, college/department/program narratives, and other editorial type revisions. 
  • JANUARY 15th
    • Deadline to submit in Curriculog all academic policy revisions.
    • Deadline to submit program delivery mode, program name, program CIPC, program hierarchy, and program hour requests.
    • NEW PROGRAM proposal drafts are due to for review and consideration to be submitted to the Board of Regents for approval during the March 2023 meeting.

ALL proposals in Curriculog must be "Validated and Launched" by the deadlines listed.