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New Program Development

New academic degree programs proposed by the University need approval from both the University of Louisiana System and the Board of Regents (BOR). According to the BOR Academic Affairs Policy 2.04, “… colleges and universities shall transmit Letters of Intent to the Commissioner of Higher Education for all new programs to be proposed, with the exception of proposed undergraduate programs below the baccalaureate level.” The BOR Academic Affairs Policy 2.05 indicates that “Proposals for new academic programs should follow criteria outlined in the Guidelines: Proposal for a New Academic Program.”

Deadlines for New Program Development

  • OCTOBER 1st 
    • Notify Academic Programs of your intent to develop NEW PROGRAMS (undergraduate, graduate, certificates). You may continue working on your program proposals but please be sure to notify that you are in the planning process. This notification will help us to develop a more efficient timeline for full proposal review and submission to the Board of Regents.
  • January 15th
    • NEW PROGRAM proposal drafts are due to for review and consideration to be submitted to the Board of Regents for approval during the March 2023 meeting.

New Program Resources

In order to create a new program, you'll need to read through the policies and processes and fill out the forms for new program development:

New Online Program Development

These guidelines set forth a process by which academic departments through their respective colleges can propose a new or an existing degree and/or non-degree (certificate or contract) program to be delivered through distance learning technologies.
Note: Separate policies apply to distance learning courses.

A completed “Request for Approval for the Delivery of Degree/Certificate Program through Distance Learning Technologies” form must be submitted electronically to

  • For Existing Degree Programs. The request form attached to these guidelines is the only completed form required.
  • For New Degree Programs. If the degree program you are proposing is not yet approved by the University of Louisiana System and/or the Louisiana Board of Regents, you will need to follow the new Program Development Policy at the same time you are submitting this internal UL request to offer the program in a hybrid or an online format.

The responses on the application form should answer pertinent questions about need and purpose for a program to be delivered by UL Lafayette through distance learning technologies. Included in the responses should be an evaluation of resources available for the development and implementation of the program, including hardware, technical support, marketing ability, advising support, faculty preparation to teach hybrid/online courses and assessment of effectiveness.  All proposals should be submitted electronically to the Office of Distance Learning for initial review by the Distance Learning Leadership Council and for final review by the Academic Affairs Council.

Use the form below as an outline for submitting your proposal to the Academic Affairs Council through the Office of Distance Learning. Please complete and print the form, obtain the appropriate signatures, then scan and email it to

Download the New Online Program Form.