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Advisor Degree Works FAQs

General Information

What is Degree Works?
Degree Works is a web-based, academic planning and degree audit tool. It helps students and advisors effectively navigate curriculum requirements, as well as monitor progress towards degree completion by providing: all course requirements for a degree in a particular catalog, satisfied requirements in an easy-to-read, understandable degree checklist, outstanding requirements needed to complete a particular program, degree, major, minor, and/or concentration, and a comprehensive review of all transfer, previous, current, and in-progress coursework.

Why did the university implement Degree Works?
Degree Works is a valuable tool to assist students and advisors in monitoring a student’s progress towards completion of curriculum requirements. With Degree Works, the student and advisor can track progress in a degree program and determine which courses are necessary to complete the remaining requirements. Students are less likely to take courses they do not need and more likely to stay on a direct path towards graduation. Degree Works also has robust reporting functionality to help capture important metrics that are useful for tracking progression and for planning future course offerings.

How do I access Degree Works?
To access Degree Works, navigate to the Advisor tab in ULink and click the Degree Works link under Student Information. You may also access a student’s audit through Student Profile, by clicking the Degree Works link on the left-hand side. Firefox is the recommended browser.

What is an audit?
The audit is a complete review of all coursework, displaying information on which requirements are satisfied and which requirements are necessary to complete a particular program, degree, major, minor, and/or concentration.

How is the degree audit different from the official transcript?
The degree audit is a tool to assist in planning the students' academic career and keep track of their progress towards a degree. The transcript is the official university record. For instructions on obtaining a copy of official transcripts please visit the University Registrar's Office website.

Is the Degree Works audit an official record?
The Degree Works audit is an unofficial record.

Does a student register for classes in Degree Works?
Registration stills occurs through the self-service portal under the Student Tab.

Does an advisor remove an advising hold in Degree Works?
Advisors will continue to remove holds using the Student Profile located under the Advisor tab.

How current is the information in Degree Works?
Degree Works retrieves all changes made to a student’s record (grade changes, classes added/dropped) on a nightly basis. Any changes to the student record will be visible in Degree Works the next day.

How do I ensure the audit is current?
You have the ability to refresh the data and process a new audit. To refresh the record information, click the two arrows by data refresh under Worksheet. To process a new audit, click the Process button to the right of the degree percentage circle and overall GPA.


I think my advisee's audit is incorrect. What should I do?

The major/minor/concentration is incorrect or does not appear on the audit:
If the student has not officially changed or declared their major/minor/concentration, they will need to do so. Directions for updating this information can be found on the Academic Success Center website.

The requirements for the major are wrong:
Please confirm the student is in the correct catalog. Their current catalog will be displayed in the degree, major, minor (if applicable), and GenEd block. If you believe the student should be following a different catalog, you will need to contact your dean’s office.

Classes are not applying in the “correct” spot:
Degree Works calculates the “best fit” when fulfilling requirements. As the student enrolls in and completes additional coursework, the classes may shift. Please direct any questions regarding "best fit" to

The Degree Works requirements do not match my departmental checksheet:
Degree Works is programmed according to the Academic Catalog posted online.

I approved a substitution, and it is not showing in Degree Works:
Please contact your dean’s office for an update on the approval and/or processing status of the substitution in question. If you believe any other information on your advisee's audit to be incorrect, please email for assistance.

Transfer work is missing or not evaluated:
Please confirm the student submitted current transcripts to the Admissions Office. If transcripts were submitted, please have the student email If any transfer work is not evaluated, please email for assistance.

Transfer course(s) are not applying towards the audit:
For questions regarding Degree Works’ placement of transfer work, please email

Can I save a copy of the student's audit?
Yes. You can save a copy of the audit by clicking the printer icon located near the top right of the audit. Choose “Microsoft Print to PDF.”

What are Overall Credits and what are Credits Applied?
Overall credits are the total number of earned credits. Credits applied includes in-progress and pre-registered courses. This number reflects how many credits are applicable towards the degree.

Why is a particular course sitting in Over the Limit?
For questions about why Degree Works is placing a specific course in Over the Limit, please email

Why is there no audit pulling up in Degree Works?
Students following the 2016-2017 catalog or later will have audits accessible in Degree Works.  Students following a previous catalog will not have an audit in Degree Works.

What-If and Future Courses

What is the What-If feature in Degree Works?
This feature allows the advisor and student to see how the current coursework would hypothetically fit into a new audit, if the student were to change their major, concentration, minor, and/or catalog.

Why is the What-If not processing? Why are some drop-down selections not available?
The criteria selected and order of selection are critical for processing a What-If. Choose catalog first then degree/program. The remaining fields will automatically populate based upon those two selections. Only concentrations applicable to the specified major and catalog will populate.

Does the What-If feature change the student's major?
No, it does not. An official change of major form is required.

What does the (*) or (**) mean following a major?
The single asterisk denotes a concentration is available but not required for that particular major. The double asterisk signifies a concentration is required for that particular major.

Are What-If audits saved? Can I see a previously run What-If audit?
Yes, the last 3 historic what-if audits are saved and can be viewed under the drop-down.

What is the Future Courses feature under the What-If in Degree Works?
This feature allows the advisor and student to see where planned coursework would fit in the Degree Works audit. To use the future courses feature, click Use current curriculum. Multiple sets of Subject and Number (course information) can be entered.

GPA Calculator

What is the Graduation Calculator?
This calculator provides the advisor and student with the average GPA needed in their remaining courses to achieve a desired GPA.

What is the Term Calculator?
This calculator provides the advisor and student with a projected cumulative GPA based upon anticipated grades earned in the current term. Coursework for the current term will automatically populate but can be deleted and customized.

What is the Advice Calculator?
This calculator provides the advisor and student with advice on how to raise or lower the student’s GPA using actual grades and number of credit hours.